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I lost or forgot my Counselor PIN. What do I do now?

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

The following information is for counselors. If you are a family member looking for your PIN, please reference this article.

If your school does NOT participate in Google Single Sign-On (SSO), you do not need a PIN.

If your school DOES use Google SSO, and you have not yet activated your account, your PIN is included in the CGN Counselor User Guide. This guide was provided to you right after your school registered with CGN. If you would like CGN to resend the Counselor User Guide and provide you with your Counselor PIN, please email

We also invite you to participate in an upcoming counselor onboarding session. For further information please email

If you have already activated your account, you no longer need the PIN. Simply use your email address and password to access CGN school.

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